In 2014, Kristine Ngiriye has committed her passion for entrepreneurship by founding the Entreprenarium Foundation. The organisation provides business support and access to finance to women and young entrepreneurs on the African continent. As a serial-entrepreneur, Kristine runs, among other activities, a boutique consulting firm where she coordinates governments’ advisory services throughout Africa.

Natacha is in charge of the operational management of the Kigali office. As part of that role, she oversees the different activities and ensures the real value added of our range of services in the local environment. Natacha intends to make the most of her expertise in marketing and communication serve the Foundation outreach programs and also brings a substantial support in that field to our beneficiaries.
After 8 professional experience years abroad or in Africa, Natacha has acquired a deep knowledge of the East-African business context and she enthusiastically works for the emergence of high potential projects at Entreprenarium of Kigali.

 Natacha did her bachelor degree at the Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM, Mexico) and has a master degree in Marketing and Management from the l'Institut d’Etudes Scientifiques et de Gestion (IESEG School of Management, France).

Frédéric Ngirabacu is Entreprenarium head of strategic partnerships development. He is also managing the work of our business analysts and is ensuring the relevance of the pool of business projects submitted to us.

Frédéric’s career path is one of an experimented man passionate about Africa. He came back in Rwanda, after an experience of 14 years in Europe including at PwC and ING, Frédéric intends to develop what he considers as a breeding ground for business, with he believes an even higher potential than Europe. Such a commitment to spur African development makes its involvement within our foundation all the more precious and relevant.

Frédéric studied in Belgium, where he obtained a master in Management Engineering at HEC-ULG, the Higher Business School of Liège University.

The year challenge Startupper by Total is a business plan competition for young african entrepreneur with for the best selected projects per country a financial help and a support from Total.
Entreprenarium brought its experience to ensure the Startupper contest’s smooth running. Hence, we committed to bringing our support in managing applications, analyzing the submitted projects, as well as correcting them and selecting the best ones.

CDC is dedicated to promoting innovation in Gabon, particularly through the organization of the “Graines de Manager” contest, whose objective is to reward a project of young entrepreneurship in the tourism sector. The Entreprenarium du Gabon hosted the teams partaking in the 2015 contest to introduce them to the writing of a workable and achievable business project.

In the end, 121 students and 12 pedagogical supervisors were trained to our methodology.


The BGFIBank foundation is a subsidiary of BGFI Holding Corporation, first financial group of the Central African Economic and Monetary Community (CEMAC). With such a sound financial position, the foundation intends to take its fair share in the Central African economic and social development, particularly through the organization of the Forum on Social and Solidarity Economy.

The objective of the Forum on Social and Solidarity Economy is to put forward innovative social projects, as well as social entrepreneurs dedicated to the fair and equitable development of Gabon. The Entreprenarium du Gabon ensured the smooth running of this event upstream and downstream by chosing the participating NGOs, training the speakers, and releasing follow-up and post-events reports.

The BGFI Business School is a renowned private institution, recognized by the Gabonese Ministry of Higher Education. As part of its curriculum, the BBS developed a “seminary” training program so as to hone the students’ skills according to their own academic curriculum and career aspirations. The Entreprenarium organized training modules tailored to students’ needs – “Lean Startup Initiation”, “Business Model Evaluation”- and prepared the training of the various stakeholders.

As part of its goal to promote sustainable economic growth in Gabon, Shell implemented the Shell Entreprendre Initiative so as to provide young Gabonese with key tools to go and launch their own company. The Entreprenarium took part in planning and setting up training sessions for young entrepreneurs, through the creation of the contents, as well as through the training and necessary preparation of the stakeholders.

The US Embassy to Gabon organized on February 5th 2015, in collaboration with the Entreprenarium du Gabon, an information workshop about the opportunities for Gabonese SMEs wishing to export their products to the United-States to receive funding as part of the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA). The AGOA, voted by the American Congress in May 2000, under the aegis of the then-President Bill Clinton. It enables African Sub-Saharan countries to export more than 5 000 products to the United-States free of customs’ charge. This program aims at promoting trade and investments between the United-States and Sub-Saharan Africa, so as to spur economic growth and business creation. The Entreprenarium brought with enthusiasm its expertise and knowledge of the local business network to organize this event.

As part of the procedure of SME’s identification, initiated by the DGPME, an information session conducted by the Advisor in charge of SMEs was organized February 3rd 2016 by the ministry at the Entreprenarium du Gabon. In line with our support to SMEs, the Entreprenarium opened its doors for an identification session, whose main goal was to classify companies for a future support, and identify active companies so as to constitute an up-to-date directory for SMEs.

AFRICA2.0 is one of the Foundation’s partner and INCLUDE is a knowledge platform on Inclusive Development Policies.

AFRICA2.0NL, sponsored by INCLUDE hosts an action research project where Entrepreneurship and the impact of Networking to youth and women will be the central topic.

Entreprenarium of Kigali has organised the inclusive session with various stakeholders and is collaborating to the organisation of the conference in Kigali.

Rokhaya is in charge of the operation management of the Dakar office. Passionate by leadership and entrepreneurship, she knows how to bring her experience and expertise to the development of SMEs supported by the Foundation.

After a professional experience of 7 years in Dakar, she has joined LEAD Francophone Africa as the Program Manager to assist in the training of young leaders aware of the challenges of sustainable development and able to promote the emergence of a new leadership in Africa. Very committed, Rokhaya is both the President of LEAD Senegal and member of Africa2.0. Therefore, she is active in youth entrepreneurship by offering them coaching, mentoring and support in the creation of enterprises; actions that are our purpose and that make her presence in our team more than valuable.

Rokhaya studied Applied Foreign Languages ​​for Business and International Affairs followed by a specialization in Management of the organizations.


The International Organisation of La Francophonie (IOF) is an institutional mechanism whose mission is to give substance to an active solidarity between the 84 states and governments that are part of it. The objective of the IOF is to contribute to improve living standards of its populations by helping them to become players in their own development, a vision shared by the Entreprenarium Foundation. OIF conducts international policy actions and multilateral cooperation, in line with the major missions set out by the Francophonie Summit, and its ambition to "Support education, training, higher education and research" and "Developing cooperation for sustainable development" makes it a key partner for Entreprenarium Foundation's support to entrepreneurs in various countries.


The independent and private BGFIBank Foundation helps the BGFIBank group in its role as a fully-fledged player in social development in all countries where it is established.The mission of the BGFIBank Foundation is to promote access to quality education in serene conditions, the transmission of knowledge and equal opportunities for all, by developing projects with a strong and lasting impact on the beneficiary populations. The Foundation encourages creativity and innovation, including entrepreneurship, at all levels. Therefore, it has partnered with Entreprenarium Foundation to implement the Women Entrepreneurs Business Education program to train 100 women entrepreneurs in three of the countries where both Foundations operate. The primary objective of the program is to enable the economic citizenship of these women by allowing them to become financially independent in a sustainable way.

Creature supports the development of cultural projects so that art and culture influence all our decisions. Its action is aimed at any person or entity wishing to carry out a project related to culture. To stay in the heart of our lives, culture must be alive, and it can only be alive if it is carried by all the vital forces of society. Through three areas of activity, Creature trains tomorrow's cultural entrepreneurs, supports innovators, and influences decision-makers.