Business Plan Booster

This short program targets fast-growing SMEs that have to make a full-fledge transition from startup to a thriving company. This critical step of the firm cycle has to be swiftly tackled so as to operate a successful transformation at the business, commercial and financial level.

The Business Plan Booster Program grants access to advisory services in management and targets fast-growing SMEs’ management teams that need a clear roadmap to:

  • Secure a new funding
  • Launch a new product or service
  • Define a growth plan
  • Tune the production organization
  • Clearly delineate the SME’s operational performances

Women Capital Raising (WCR)

We have developed the WCR (Women Capital Raising) Program, whose goal is to support 100 African women entrepreneurs per year every step of the way to create and expand their business. We operate on three levels: training to business basics, access to funding and support through consulting services.

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The WCR program is made of Masterclass and modules mainly focused on the Lean Startup Methodology, the innovation, and the techniques to start and operate a business.

It’s a 6 week program with:

  • 1 week of Masterclass
  • 5 weeks of individual sessions and tailored modules to the participants' needs

The Masterclass week is made of essential modules such as:

  • The Lean Startup Method
  • Techniques simples de marketing et de stratégie de croissance
  • Explanation of the business model matrix
  • Overview on business model canvas
  • Simple principles of accounting and finance
  • Customer Relationship and distribution channels
  • Activities, Key resources, Revenue and Business plan

During the 5 tailored coaching weeks a deliverable has to be produced weekly and adapted trainings are given such as:

  • Use of a simple accounting tool
  • Break-even point calculation and pricing
  • Taxation
  • Customer relationships for employees
  • Work-life balance
  • Emotional Intelligence

At the end of their training, the recipients should be able to clearly articulate their business model so as to maximise their chances for success.


Entrepreneur’s Business Education

We built a strong curriculum of practical training courses about business management basics such as the strategic planning, the financial and operating management, marketing and sales, accounting, taxation, reporting etc. Those classes can be given either on a 4 week format or through tailored modules comprised in our conventional training courses.

  • Introduction to Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Creating and Launching a New Business
  • Introduction to the Lean Startup
  • Introduction to the Business Model Canvas
  • Introduction to the 4 Basic Departments of a Business
  • Introduction to Writing a Business Plan
  • Introduction to Marketing
  • Introduction to Branding
  • Introduction to Simple Marketing Techniques
  • Introduction to Market Analysis and Segmentation
  • Introduction to Competitive Advantage and Strategic Positioning
  • Introduction to Business Communication
  • Introduction to Social Media
  • Introduction to Commercial Prospection
  • Introduction to Distribution
  • Introduction to Sales
  • Introduction to SPIN Selling method
  • Introduction to Customer Relations Management
  • Introduction to Accounting and Finance
  • Introduction to Simple Cash Accounting
  • Introduction to Financial Projections and Cash Flow Forecast
  • Introduction to Legal and Regulatory Matters for SMEs
  • Introduction to Tax Matters for SMEs
  • Introduction to Human Resource Management
  • Introduction to Operations Management
  • Introduction to Supply Chain Management
  • Introduction to Organizational and Operational Effectiveness
  • Introduction to Project Management
  • Introduction to Pricing
  • Introduction to Networking
  • Introduction to Leadership in Business
  • Introduction to the Value Chain
  • Introduction to Market and Competitive Intelligence
  • Introduction to Research & Development
  • Introduction to Business Intelligence
  • Introduction to Ways of Funding a Business
  • Fundraising: Business Angels, Venture Capitalists and other Investors
  • Introduction to Contracts in Business
  • Introduction to Partnerships in business
  • Introduction to Teamwork in Business
  • Introduction to Intellectual Property Protection